Atarisi Lodge | Confort y servicio exclusivo en la selva pristina de mayor biodiversidad del mundo.
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Exclusive and customized service

Throughout your stay we offer you a private guide and 4WD vehicle, to explore and discover the charms of the place and its culture with full freedom and at your own pace. We believe that the biodiversity of the jungle can be protected to be a sanctuary for flora and fauna of future generations by creating stable employment for our indigenous communities through ecotourism and sharing our respect and love for the jungle with our clients.

Schedule your Stay

Go into the rainforest of Madidi Park, discover the flora and fauna of the savannah, enjoy a day of fishing, share the secrets, customs and lifestyle of the Tacana indigenous community … ..are just some of the alternatives that you will allow you to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Located in the heart of the most important indigenous culture of the area
Flora and Fauna
Only meters of the Madidi National Park. Enjoy the greatest biodiversity of the world.
Discover the relationship with the earth and ancestral methods of cultivation

Enjoy horse riding for natural areas



WhatsApp  +56962018933

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How to get to Atarisi